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How can I stack my codes?Please visit:
Can I change my currency?An update is coming that will allow you select a currency for your team.
Where is the community group?
Where can I request features / ideas?
Where can I view the public roadmap?
Is there any help documentation?
Will you be adding customization to settings such as idle time, screenshot frequency, and other settings?Yes, we are working on those.
Can we have screenshot blur functionality?Yes, we are working on this functionality.
Can I set another admin for my team?Not, at the moment. But, we will be adding this capability as well.
Is each AppSumo code 5 employees?Yes, that is correct.
Does team owner count as user / employee?Yes, it does.
Can we have the reports sent in email?Not at the moment. We will be adding this ability in the near future.
Will you be adding Integrations?Yes, we will be adding integrations directly and via integration aggregators. Planning out the details.
Where can I set the settings for each employee? in the Features tab. Make sure you logout and log back in the client after making the changes.

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