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Last Update 3 years ago

We noticed that some clients had issues with their Windows setup that were missing required dependencies that are required to run the software.

What are those dependencies?

1. vcruntime140.dll 

2. msvcp140.dll

Follow the next steps to resolve this issue:

You must first quit the Deskcove application if it is open. 

Then copy these dependencies into the Deskcove \bin folder.

Where can I find the dependencies?

1. You should be able to find these dependencies under C:\Windows\System32, if you can't find these dependencies you can download them from the link below:

2. Copy the two dll files into the Deskcove \bin folder this is usually in C:\Deskcove\bin

3. Start the Deskcove application and check to see if you are still experiencing the same issues.

4. Your issue should now be resolved.

5. If you are still facing issues please, try the next steps.

If you are still facing issue please do the following:

​​Please have your employee that is experiencing the issue use the appropriate version from this link:

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

​Make sure they do the following:

​1. Uninstall the previous version

​2. Navigate to %AppData% and find the Deskcove folder and remove it.

3. If you are still facing issues please contact our support team for further assistance

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